So, I apologize for the huge amount of time in between this post and the last one. After Treeshaker, I remember saying “why didn’t we keep up the blog more? We should be better about that next time.” Well, I remember now: it is really hard. But, I will try to keep this up as we skedaddle to the end of the quarter.

Since the last post, a lot has happened. Animator Justin Kohn visited from San Francisco for a week and it was just the most refreshing and inspiring week we’ve had all quarter. I think the visit was timed perfectly as all of us were just beginning the process of animating. The three groups of students had done at least primary animation tests and I had just finished my first shot (the shot posted below). We were able to learn so much in this short period of time, and I was completely reminded of why I am doing this and what I love about it. It was great.

Besides that, I have just been busy animating. I have a handful of shots completed: some dumbbell curls, side stretches and other sorts of warm ups. I was just about to animate some squats, but the lead puppet’s hand snapped off at the wrist. Great. I think this is the main drawback to working with puppets instead of humans. Human wrists don’t just snap. That just doesn’t really happen. But that is my reality. I have lost hours remaking her hand. But in the end, I knew that this was an obstacle we accepted when we chose to use wire armatures and her hands were starting to look really rough anyway. So, as soon as I finish writing this I will be back to work.

Production on the main living room set is going fabulously. In just a bit I will post some pictures of the details of the set: VHS tapes, pill bottles, peppermints, working lamps, cigarettes, french fries, you name it. Our studio has become a little workshop of elves making various accessories and props that will fill our couch potato’s depressing home. I’m really excited.

Anyway, hold tight for photos, they will be up later today. Wish us luck.