So, other than the fact that I am very relieved to hear that Punxsutawny Phil did not see his shadow this morning, I am relieved to say that I have made some good progress on the heads of the puppets. I might have mentioned that I decided to do a re-sculpt of the aerobic girl heads, I was really unsatisfied with them and they had the wrong expression. So, I back tracked and redid the heads, re made the molds, re poured and spent last night and this morning coming up with a new strategy of attaching the hair to their silicone scalps. Two words have saved my life : Felting. Needle. It’s the most perfect tool! It is not quite as sturdy as hand threading the locks, as Andrea did last year, but takes literally only a fifth of the time. It is also easier to get full coverage. I have to admit that I think I am most excited for punching the hair into our main character’s legs and chest. I have some good sick black, curly hair that will do the trick. And with my felting needle? It will be great.

Andrea is also chugging away at the costumes. They’re looking really good and I can’t wait to see them finished. Below are some pictures of our progress on the aerobic girl puppet (she has no coloration yet, after some makeup she will look much more vibrant) as well as some images of Andrea’s costume making process, just to give you an idea of the colors, patterns and styles she is working with. Enjoy!

Thanks and more soon!


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