Our puppets can actually stand upright now! Andrea just finished their feet, made out of plumber’s epoxy putty (a rather toxic smelling, but incredibly useful material that looks something like one of those cowtail candy bars). It feels good to see the three puppets standing in their formation, it makes it much easier to imagine how all of this will come together. I finished building up their bodies after much trial and error, surprise, surprise. I found a great method of cutting strips of a mattress pad, and stretching and wrapping them around the limbs, much like a mummy. It looks pretty great and is really sturdy. Meanwhile, Andrea has started in on the costumes – she found a great, tacky prom dress to cut apart for their purple leggings and a rather creepy floral.. smock..? for their leotards. Soon our puppets will transform from wire mummies to aerobic super stars.

On another note, we are rapidly spending down all of our funds. Bringing an extra eleven people onto this project is spreading our budget very thin and we will not have enough money as it is to see this project through. This is where I come to all of you for help. We have a website where you can donate any amount that you feel you could spare to our cause. There is no minimum, but those who donate $25 will get a copy of our movie when it is complete and those who donate $50 will get a copy of this project as well as our first project, The Treeshaker’s Worry. So, if there is any cent you can spare, please send it our way!

You can donate here : http://www.indiegogo.com/Nite-Sweat